B. Simone Criticized After Saying She Won’t Date a Man With 9-5 Job

In an interview with Nick Cannon on his radio show, B. Simone gets candid about the type of man she wants. She revealed she has been living the single life for the last seven years and was finally ready to be in a relationship.

The entrepreneur and actress however makes it clear that she can’t date a man works a 9-5 job. Instead, she said she wants a man who makes his own bag on his own time.

He can’t have a 9-5,” she says. “I mean he can be a hustling entrepreneur. He can’t be clocking out and clocking in.”

Nick Cannon argued that there are men who have vocational jobs and make great money.

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She wasn’t convinced and said, “I think entrepreneurs should date entrepreneurs,”

She added: “I’m sure but you’re not gonna understand my lifestyle. You’re not gonna understand why I’m up bat 3 o’clock in the morning.”

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