Banditry: Some Powers Are Working Against Zamfara, Governor Alleges

  • Yari expressed surprised that Emir of Zurmi is part of those alleging that the Air Force killed innocent people.
  • Urges the Air Force to continue bombarding the place.

Zamfara Governor, Abdulaziz Yari has alleged that some powers are working against the state in its battle against banditry.

Banditry has left scores of people dead as some had even gone to native doctors to get a bulletproof charm.

Speaking during the visit of a 7-man investigation team on the matter at his Talata-Mafara private residence, Yarin said the government won’t apologize over the alleged killing of villagers in the state during a bombardment of suspected bandits camps in Dumburum village in Zurmi local government area of the state.

Alleging that Dunburum village had served as a hideout for criminals over the last three years, he added that the Emir of Zurmi has once asked him to go and wipe out the area saying all those residing there were bandits.

Meanwhile, the Council of Chiefs had alleged that innocent citizens were recently bombarded through air strikes in the area by personnel of the Nigeria Air Force (NAF).

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Yari who said as far as he is concerned and as the head of government in the state,  the NAF has done nothing wrong and he is yet to receive any brief on such matter.

He also expressed his surprise that the emir will be part of those saying innocent people were killed in an encounter in the area he had said they are bandits.

“Some people will stay in Abuja and fabricate things against the operations in Zamfara in order to distract the operation, this we must not allow.

“Please, all security agencies especially the air force should continue with your usual constitutional duties and the state government will give you all the support to facilitate your concentration in trying to bring back peace which has eluded the state since 2007.

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He urged the Air Force to continue with the firepower to show the criminals that there is a government in place.

“We won’t negotiate with them again because when we did that in the past, the leaders pretended as if all was well while they allowed their boys to continue to lay siege on the communities.”

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