Banning Sniper Doesn’t Tackle Why People Commit Suicide – Runtown

Nigerian artiste, Runtown speaks on the recent ban on sniper, an insecticide.

Several suicide news have been recorded this year in Nigeria and most of the times, this poisonous substance, sniper is used.

Following this, many have called out for the ban of sniper in market and recently the Federal Government banned the insecticide.

Reacting to this, Runtown explained in his new tweet that banning sniper won’t stop suicide because it isn’t curbing why people commit suicide.

Banning Sniper only tackles HOW people commit suicide not WHY people commit suicide. It’s like going to dry up the Lagos Lagoon because people use it as a tool for committing suicide. To truly curb this epidemic, we must focus on the reason WHY people do it.” The singer tweeted.

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