Barcelona All Time Top Scorers

Barcelona is the pride of Catalonia, so they say. And it is not difficult to see why established in the 18th century they have become a part of the culture of Catalonia. And the fact that this club does so well must bring pride to the locals there. Some of the best players in the world have played in Barcelona.  In fact playing in Barcelona usually means you’re amongst the best of the best. We shall be looking at Barcelona all-time top scorers. These are the players who have made Barcelona what it is today. So from top to bottom, we have:

Lionel Messi 548 Goals,

Arguably the best player in the world, but definitely the most complete. He can play all the attacking roles. From being a central midfielder to a winger, a supporting striker and of course a top nine. No one had scored the number of goals Messi has scored in La Liga. And really no one can hold a candle to him, except of course his arch-rival Ronaldo, who is actually at par with him. Messi has 5 Balon d ‘Or titles to his name, the first player to achieve this feat. He’s won 30 trophies throughout his stay in Barcelona. He holds the record of having scored the most El Classico goals, most assists in La Liga and most goals scored in a la Liga season. The only other 5 time Ballon d ‘Or winner is C.Ronaldo. Messi started playing in Barcelona, and would probably finish his football career there. Messi is a legend, and he’s definitely the best player to have played at Nou Camp. Lionel Messi is 30 years old, so we still expect some more goals from him. Players have come and gone in Barcelona, but Messi is one of the few things that hasn’t changed about Barcelona.

Cesar Rodriguez 232 Goals

Until Messi came, he was the #1 on Barcelona all-time top scorers list.  Caesar born in 1920, was one of the Barcelona greats. He played the forward position, as a striker sometimes and also as a supporting striker. The Spaniard was also very influential in the national team. Ceasar was good with both feet, he actually had a fearsome shot, and he was also good with the head. All that didn’t get to his head though, as he was said to be a very modest person. Caesar spent the majority of his football career in Catalan playing for Barcelona. He was there from the beginning of his career in 1939 until he left in 1955. Those were his best years in football. He also played for other clubs including Granada, Elche and some others. He retired in 1960 and then would later return as a coach for Barcelona. In his time in Barcelona he won one Pichichi trophy, and 5 League trophies, altogether he won 12 trophies in his time at Barcelona.

Ladislao Kubal 194 Goals

The Hungarian played in the club between 1950 and 1961. In his 11 years stay in the club. He won 14 trophies in the process and establishing himself as not only one of the best players in of all time in Barcelona, but also for Hungary. Kubal was originally playing in Hungary, but due to the war, he and some other fellow Hungarian’s escaped on the back of a truck. He didn’t want to do military service, so he was banned by FIFA for one year when the Hungarian authorities complained. After leaving Barcelona he also went on to play for other teams, in the forward position. Ladislao Kubal in considered a symbol for the Spanish giants, FC Barcelona, and he had a statue of him in Nou Camp.

Josep Samitier 184 Goals

Also known as Jose Samitier, he was born in 1902, and he joined Barcelona at the tender age of 16. As a Barcelona player Samitier was some celebrity of some sorts, not just only for his high flying acrobatic skills on the pitch, but also for his charisma and confidence off the pitch. In his time he hung out with the artistes and the cool people of his day. Jose was called the ”lobster man”, due to his acrobatics and he’s also been considered one of the best forwards in Europe of the 1920’s. The Spaniard spent 15 seasons in the Catalan club, amassing 18 trophies in the process.  And to crown it all up, he came back to Barcelona for a three-year stint as a coach, and then they won the league championship which the team hadn’t won for over 10 years.

Josep Escola 167 Goals,

Here’s another Spaniard and another Josep who made himself very dangerous in front of goal. With 167 goals, this puts Escola in #5 position on Barcelona all time top scorers. Escola was a striker who played for Barcelona for the major part of his football career. When the Spanish civil war broke out though, he went into exile with some other teammates where he played for Sete a French football club.   By after the end of the war, they returned and continued playing for Barcelona. Escola retired from football in 1948 and became a manager.

Luiz Suarez 148 Goals,

In recent times, the Uruguayan is perhaps the best thing to happen to Barcelona.  The striker formed one-third of the formidable MSN, trio, Messi, Suarez, Neymar. And together they helped Barcelona win a treble, (La Liga, Copa del Rey and UEFA Champions League, this was in 2014, Suarez’s first season.  In 2015/216 season, Suarez created the record of being the highest goal scorer and also having the highest assist in a season. He won the Pichchi award that season, ahead of Messi and C.Ronaldo. Suarez has an eye for the goal, he’s a great goal poacher and also very good at setting up his teammates for goals.  Suarez joined Barcelona in 2014 on a five-year contract, for now, we know he’ s not going anywhere, so we’d expect him to climb a few more places up this rung.

Paulino Alcantara 143 Goals,

Alcantara is the only man for Asia to get on the Barcelona All Time top scorers list. He joined the Catalan giants in 199 and played there for another ….. years. Of course, it is quite rare to have an Asian football star, so this man has been able to achieve celebrity status in his home country of Philippines.  Alcantara holds the record for being the youngest player to play for Barcelona, and also score. His debut for the club was just at the age of 15, this was back in 1912. Alcantara retired in 1927 from football, this enabled him to become a medical doctor. Apart from football, Alcantara was also very active in politics and in the military. He died in 1964 in Barcelona, Spain at the age of 67.

Samuel Eto’o 130 Goals,

The Cameroonian was called the Indomitable Lion while he was at Camp Nou. Etoo was a terror to goalkeepers, both from outside the box and from inside the box. He joined Barca from Mallorca after a protracted fight between Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid. Eto’o won the Pichchi trophy in 2006 while in Barcelona. He also played at a time which some might have called the golden years of Madrid. The times of Ronaldinho, Deco, Iniesta, Xavi, Messi and even Thierry Henry.  Eto’o will go down the history of Barcelona as the indomitable lion, the man with the fighting spirit who never gave up.

Barcelona all time top scorersRivaldo 130 Goals,

Brazil has produced many players, and Vitor Borba Ferreira Rivaldo was one of them especially in the later part of the 20th Century. He was majorly a midfielder but could play as a supporting striker or a winger on either of the wings. Rivaldo had flair for the ball, as is common with Brazilians, could dribble, had pace and but he also had an eye for the goal and a powerful left footed shot. Rivaldo never won the Pichichi as he was always coming second to the top goal scorer. But this was to be expected, as he never played as the central attacker, he only played supporting striker, winger or even deeper roles.  Rivaldo had a penchant for scoring wonderful goals, and that is probably one reason he won’t be forgotten easily.

Mariano Martin 128 Goals

Martin spent nine years in Barcelona, and in that time he’ll play 150 matches, scoring 128 goals in the process. He joined Barcelona in 1939 from Sant Andreu. And in the years he spent at the Nou Camp, he’ll establish himself as a prolific scorer. While he was in Barcelona, he played a friendly for Catalonia where he had an injury. He never fully recorded from this injury, and this saw his decline from play.



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