‘Being A Woman Is A Job’ – Simi Reveals

Nigerian singer, Simi has taken to Instagram to reveal why she thinks being a woman is one of the most difficult jobs.

The singer pointed out that women are expected to play one role or the other at every stage they find themselves.

Simi pointed out that the ability of a woman to bring out something of out the ordinary, qualifies every lady to be called a mother.

She wrote:

“No work? “She’s so lazy.” Work? “Stay home and take care of the family.” No child. “Not a real woman.” Child. “Why did she start something she’s not ready for?” No money. “Liability”. Money. “The man is the provider. What is she looking for.” No class. “Illiterate”. Class. “Snob”. No ambition. “Waste.” Ambition. “She doesn’t know her place.”
As far as I’m confirmed, every woman is a mother because of her ability to nurture and bring to life magic, from her heart, with her hands, from her womb, by her patience, in her sacrifice.
So Happy Mother’s Day to you Queen”


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