Ben Murray Bruce calls for peace, says ‘we are one’

– Sen. Ben Murray Bruce has called for peace ahead of the 2019 Presidential election

– He disclosed that irrespective of the Political parties, Nigerians are one

Nigerian Senator, Ben Murray Bruce in a new statement has called for peace as the date of the Presidential Election comes closer.

Ben Murray Bruce in his statement disclosed that irrespective of the different political parties, he declared that Nigerians are one.

He appealed to Nigerians not to see their fellow countryman as their enemy in this election season, he stated that the difference between Nigerians is not the All Progressive Congress APC or the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, he declared that we are one.

Ben Murray Bruce in his statement via his twitter handle said, “Do not see your fellow Nigerian as your enemy this election season. We must remember that as Winston Churchill once said:: “When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you”. The difference between us is not PDP or APC. We are one today. We will he one tomorrow.”

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Irrespective of the fact that Sen. Ben Bruce is a supporter of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, he was one of the people in the opposition party that congratulated Vice Pres. Yemi Osinbajo when his helicopter crash-landed in Kaaba, Kogi State some days ago.

This is another message and call to Nigerians to go to the polling booths peacefully and cast their votes for their respective candidates.

Nigerians should shun violence and should let their Permanent Voters Card PVC do the talking for them.

According to a previous post on iDONSABI.COM, Nigerian have until 6 pm today to pick up their PVC at their respective local government areas ahead of the Presidential election which is few days away.

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