Best Man Accused of Marrying the Groom’s Wife Tells His Side of The Story

“Best Man” accused of marrying the groom’s wife shares his side of the story.

— According to him, the account the husband made was incorrect as he wasn’t even his best man.

Yesterday, we reported the account of a man who cried out after his wife allegedly married his “best man”.

He claimed that the man had bested him during his marriage and when he and his wife started having marital issues, the wife left the husband for the best man, got married to him without getting divorced from her first husband.

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However, the alleged best man with the name Humble Jeff on Facebook has called out to the people who believed the initial story that it’s untrue.

He claimed he wasn’t his best man and in fact has never seen his before.

He shared pictures of the real best man to show he wasn’t the one and the man falsified his story. However, he didn’t state why he married his wife without her getting a divorce.

Top Left: Couple with the real best man //  Down: Wife and The new husband she married 

Read His Post Below: 

“Don’t ever judge a book by it’s cover, always learn to hear from the other side. It has been trending on social media. He claimed I was his best man. I have never seen this man all my life. Thanks to this helpful photographer for this pics. This was his best man seated beside him. So many unfriendly friends commenting, posting rubbish on air without knowing the true story. It very easy to spoil and hard to repair.

“I never wanted to post anything but I just decided to drop this here. At least to let you know how false this story was. Thanks to my true friends who put calls and messages across to know what was going on. You guys remain in my heart and soon justice shall prevail. I mean soon.”

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