Best Paying Federal Government Jobs in Nigeria

Different jobs with private firms come with different pay cheques. In the same vein, some federal government jobs pay more than the others. The amount earned as salary at the end of the month by professionals working with the federal government is dependent on what sector such professionals fit into.

Just like in the private sector, the best paying federal government jobs are gotten in the oil and gas sector, the banking sector and the health sector.

Below are a list of the best paying federal government jobs in Nigeria

The Military

Jobs associated with the military are some of the most risky jobs that can be done in Nigeria. The risk associated with this job makes it one of the highest paying federal government jobs in Nigeria. This job doesn’t just come with a good pay cheque, it also comes with a lot of prestige and security.

There are more than one ways of getting into the military in Nigeria. Of all this ways, becoming a military officer through the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) is the most financially profitable.


Medical doctors in Nigeria are some of the best paid professionals. However, if you must earn a good salary as a medical doctor, you will most likely have to work with the federal government.

It is quite interesting to know that apart from medical practitioners with their own personal clinics, medical doctors working at federal facilities are the highest paid set of medical doctors. In addition to the salaries that medical doctors in federal hospitals earn, there is also a high level of job security.

At entry level, medical doctors earn about 120,000 monthly. This could increase to up to 750,000 for consultants.


Nursing is a profession that is dominated by females. It is also one of the most appealing jobs to females in the health sector. Prior to the availability of nursing as a course in Nigerian universities, nurses although earned decently, were not as highly paid as they are at the moment. However, since the availability of nursing as a course of study in the university, nursing has become a very prestigious and respected job.

Matrons working at federal hospitals could earn up to N400, 000 monthly.


The banking sector in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative at all levels. While most bankers in Nigeria work for private firms, a handful work for the federal government.

The central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the Bank of Industry (BOI) and the Bank of Agriculture (BOA) are some of the federal establishments where bankers are employed at the federal level.

Bankers with the federal government earn just like their colleagues with jobs at private firms. A banker with a job at the Central Bank of Nigeria earns about N122, 000 at entry level. This salary comes with a lot of allowances and is bound to increase with time.


Accounting is a job that is reserved for people considered to be of high integrity. This is one of the best paying jobs both in the private sector and at the federal level.

Accountants can work in many federal agencies. Some agencies that need a large number of accountants are the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the Bank of Industry (BOI), and the Bank of Agriculture (BOA). Although accountants are mostly needed in federal financial institutions and the finance ministry, they also play very important roles in non-financial federal institutions.

Accountants employed by the federal government are paid as well as their colleagues in the Private sector.

Oil and Gas Related Jobs

The oil and gas sector is the highest paying sector in Nigeria. Both individuals working at private multinational firms and individuals working with the federal government are very well paid. Unlike individuals employed by multinational oil firms, professionals employed by the federal government have secure jobs.

The Nigeria National Petroleum Commission (NNPC) is responsible for the employment of professionals fit to work in the oil and gas sector. These professionals include petroleum engineers, chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, etc.

Professionals working with the Nigerian National Petroleum Commission (NNPC) earn up to N5 million annually. This salary comes with multiple benefits.


The position of a judge is the apex position in the legal sector and one of the most honorable positions that can be attained by legal practitioners working for the federal government.

Judges of federal high courts earn annual salary of N1.8 million while justices of the Supreme Court earn an annual salary of N2.5 million. Judges do not only earn good salaries, they also enjoy other benefits that ordinary legal practitioners do not have access to.

Security and Intelligence Agents

The job of a security and intelligent agent is a discreet one and needs a lot of discipline, integrity and responsibility. The set of individuals employed into this position are very well trained.

As a result of what this job entails, security and intelligent agents in Nigeria earn good salaries. Most security and intelligent agents in Nigeria are attached to the State Security Service(SSS).


Economists that work with the federal government fall in the same category with bankers and accountants. They commonly work in the ministry of finance, the Central Bank of Nigeria, the Security Exchange Commission and other federal financial institutions.

Economics working with the Central Bank of Nigeria earn about 120, 000 at entry level. They get an increase as they climb up the ladder.


Lecturing is a job that up until 1999 when the first private university in Nigeria was established could only be done at the state and federal level. Lecturing is one of the best paying federal government jobs. Not only does lecturing pay well, it also gives this set of professionals the unusual freedom to do other things while they maintain their jobs.

Lecturing is perhaps the job in Nigeria with the lowest rate of job loss. It appears once an appointment is gotten to become a lecturer, the appointment can be maintained till retirement.

Professors in Nigeria earn up to N500, 000 monthly.


Although securing a job with the federal government might not be exactly easy, when gotten, it most likely lasts a life time. In addition to this, at retirement, there is an assurance of steady pension

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