Best Paying Federal Government Positions in Nigeria

One of the easiest ways to always smile to the bank for a lifetime is to get a high paying job with the federal government of Nigeria. While a top government position guarantees a steady source of very good income, getting into a top government position is not the easiest of things in Nigeria.

This article contains a list of the best paying federal government jobs in Nigeria. Some of them are positions jobs that can only be gotten as a result of an election. However, others can be gotten through appointment.

The best paying federal government jobs in Nigeria are;

The Job of the President

The job of the president is both the number one job as well as the most sensitive position in Nigeria. Although a number of individuals might not consider this a job because it is gotten as a result of politics, it is definitely a job because an individual (the president) is paid to carry out certain tasks.

The president of the federal republic of Nigeria is the highest paid federal government worker in Nigeria. The president of Nigeria earns monthly salary of 292,892.08. While this salary might seem small, it is just a tip of the iceberg of the total amount taken home by the president each month.

In addition to the basic monthly salary of the president of the federal republic of Nigeria, there are a whole lot of allowances attached to the office of the president which makes the job of the president the best paying job in Nigeria.

The Job of the Vice-President

The vice president is the second highest federal worker in Nigeria. The job of the vice president just as the name implies plays the role of assisting the president in carrying out his mandate.

The vice president of Nigeria earns a monthly salary of N252, 063.04. In addition to this seemingly small salary is a very well organized structure of allowances which put the Vice-President of Nigeria in the position of the second highest paid federal government worker in Nigeria.


Senators are the highest paid set of federal government workers in Nigeria. This set of federal government workers earn much more than most Nigerian citizens think they truly deserve.

The average Nigerian senator plays the role of making laws for the good governance of the federal republic on Nigeria and earns a salary of a staggering N36. 9million per annum. Unlike in some first world countries, Nigerian senators do not earn their salaries per sitting. In addition to their fat pay cheques, the average Nigerian senator earns additional as allowances.

House of Representative Members

House of representative members are the second group of federal government employees that earn the highest amount in Nigeria save the senators. The house of representative members are members of the lower house of the National Assembly. Owing to their position as members of the lower house, it is only logical they earn less than senators

The average Nigerian House of representative member earns an annual salary of 35.9 million. In addition to this, House of representative members in Nigeria get other incomes in for of allowances.


Ministers are the best paid set of federal government workers that are not politically elected. Ministers basically play the role of ensuring that civil service departments in Nigeria deliver the different types of government services needed for the sustenance of the country.

There are quite a number ministries in Nigeria and each minister is the direct boss of the permanent secretary heading of every ministry. Ministers in Nigeria earn a monthly salary of about N210, 000. This might seem small for the profile of a Nigerian minister. However, ministers earn much more in allowances. When all this is put together, ministers in Nigeria become one of the best paid federal government workers.

Director Generals

Director Generals are individuals in charge of federal government agencies in Nigeria. Quite unlike ministers and permanent secretaries, a director general has to be an authority in their various fields before they are deemed fit to head an agency. As a result of this, it is very unlikely a square peg will be fitted in a round hole.  Although, these group of individuals get into their positions by appointment, they are made to go through some tests to determine how well they qualify for the job.

Director Generals of agencies in Nigeria earn a monthly salary of about N1.5 million.


Nigerian ambassadors are the highest ranking diplomats that represent Nigeria in foreign countries and international organizations. Nigerian ambassadors as their jobs require usually do not reside in Nigeria for the period they are serving as ambassadors.

The job of an ambassador is one of the most prestigious jobs that can be done on the federal level in Nigeria. This set of individuals are first-hand representatives of Nigeria in foreign countries. As a result of this, they are very well paid and also in foreign currencies.

Permanent Secretaries

Permanent secretaries are civil servants put in charge of ministries by the federal government. They are the direct heads of every ministry they are in.

Permanent secretaries are not known to report directly to the president. They usually report to the minister in charge of the ministry they are heading. To become a permanent secretary, you do not need to be an expert in the field you are heading. All that is needed is the right connection to get an appointment.

Permanent secretaries in Nigeria earn an annual salary of N22 million

Federal High Judge

Federal high judges are some of the most respected individuals in the legal profession and in the country at large. They are individuals that are qualified to preside over court sessions at the various federal high courts in the country.

The position of a federal high judge is a very delicate and sensitive one. As a result of this, they are paid very handsomely. The average federal high court judge earns an annual salary of N28 million

Chief Justice of Nigeria

The chief justice of Nigeria is apex figure in the Nigerian legal system. The job of the chief justice of Nigeria includes heading the judicial arm of the government and presiding over the country’s Supreme Court.

The chief justice of Nigeria has an annual salary of N3.36 million. This is in addition to the many allowances that come with this job.

It is amazing to know that apart from the salaries earned by individuals in this high paying positions, other benefits such as pension and allowances are also some of the biggest that can be obtained in the country.

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