Biography of MC Lively AKA Sani Michael

Sani Michael Amanesi popularly known as MC Lively, is a Nigerian comedian, lawyer, event compere and social media influencer. With his comedy skits that address current issues in the country, MC Lively has carved a niche for himself in the entertainment world thereby becoming one of Nigeria’s distinctive comedy brands.

Early life and background of MC Lively

MC Lively was born on the 14th of August into a family of seven. The Edo State born lived his formative years in Ile-Ife where he had his elementary education at Ideal Nursery & Primary School and Moremi High School. On completion of his early education, he proceeded to study Law at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU). Upon graduation, he was called to bar in 2016. As a child, MC Lively was very stubborn and badly behaved. His mum once cut him with a razor blade and rubbed pepper on the wounds because he and his brother left his youngest sibling unattended to after their mother left him in their care.

MC Lively

He was notorious for stealing meat from his mother’s pot and getting beaten for his acts. The beatings didn’t have much effect on him as he grew worse. At a point, he assumed he was adopted as the beatings increased and he was enrolled in a public school. According to him, he was the only one among his siblings that attended a public school. His mother felt it would be costly enrolling him in a private school.

His Rise to Fame

His love for comedy started far back 2004. Then he used to watch comedy tapes like Night of a Thousand Laughs and he loved every bit of it. While studying in the university, he began hosting events and shows all in a bid to hone and sharpen his skills and talent. His final year saw him doing stand-up comedy which wasn’t successful. He once cracked a joke at an event, even his ex-girlfriend who was in the crowd didn’t laugh. His relentless attitude and determination saw him performing at four different events which turned out to be total failures. He later realized he was better at comic acting than stand-up comedy. In 2017, he started social media skits and since then, there’s been no going back.

MC Lively

His first skit was the one where the interviewer asked if he could burn his certificate for a certain amount of money. The video didn’t get much traction but went viral. He came to limelight with his Agidi video which was about fuel scarcity. The skit was inspired by a sermon preached in the church. While in the church, he wrote the script and shot the video in the evening. His nickname – Agidi was coined from the video and his stubborn nature. His skits are inspired by Nigeria’s situations most especially the unemployment issue which is depicted by the character of a Nigerian man who is frustrated and jobless. His character is a reflection of his past experience in the labour market. His video skits are most times shot in an interview format with him singing gospel songs as the intro.

The online sensation who claims to be an activist with his mouth and videos has a signatory costume – corporate wears. In an interview, he revealed how he produces his comedy skits. He stated:

I write my scripts with the punch lines. Creating content is really difficult, I have to sit down, think and structure the lines. There is a lot of work that goes into it. I always include subtitles in my skits because I want everyone to understand what I am saying because I speak Yoruba and English in my videos. It is part of my style”.

MC Lively

His comedy skits addresses societal issues in a sarcastic tone. Due to his enthusiastic ways in his teenage years, he was nicknamed Lively-a name which has stuck till date. The sensational comedian has hosted over 200 events and has featured in various comedy skits alongside Ali Baba, Basket mouth, Broda Shaggi and others. The lawyer cum comedian never saw himself practising law, he only studied law because he needed to discover himself. However, law was a back-up plan peradventure entertainment didn’t work out. Till date, his mother still advises him to do his Master’s degree as she’s an education enthusiast but the renowned comedian has found his forte in entertainment.

MC Lively’s Relationship

MC Lively is currently unmarried but there are speculations that he’s engaged.

Awards and Recognitions

The comic actor in the course of his career has clinched some awards to his name.

Comedy Act of the Year, City People Music Award

Royal African Youth Leadership award conferred by Ooni of Ife

MC Lively’s Net Worth

The online sensation is ranked amongst the popular instagram comedians. He’s estimated to be worth $50,000.

Social Media Profile

Instagram: @mc_lively
Twitter: @mc_lively_
YouTube: mclively

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