Biography of Sisi Yemmie

Yemisi Sophie Olusanya, also known as Sisi Yemmie is one of the most popular Youtubers in Nigeria. She has 129,000 followers on her instagram page and over 200,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Her videos cut across food, lifestyle, relationships and parenting. brings you the biography of Sisi Yemmie including her net worth, blogging business and family life.

Early life of Sisi Yemmie

Sisi Yemmie is a content creator, blogger, social media strategist, online influencer and editor of Cosmopolitan Nigeria. She grew up in Warri, Delta State. She was born as a first child into a family of four siblings. Sisi Yemmie studied Mass Communication at Igbinedion University Okada and obtained an MA in International Diplomacy from the University of Birmingham. She also have a Diploma in Internal Communication from the PR Academy, London.

Sisi Yemmie’s Rise to Fame

She started her blog in April 2, 2011 with the help of her husband (then boyfriend). At that time, she was studying for her Masters degree at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. After her Masters degree, she worked in a bank in the UK but was frustrated with what she was doing. On arrival to Nigeria, she got a job as a social media manager. She did the job for a year or two before she went into full time blogging. The name “Sisi Yemmie” came about from what people call her.

Her blog is a one-stop blog. She shares recipes, reviews restaurants, writes about relationships, motherhood and topics that interest the millennial Nigerian woman. The coolest part is that she adds a touch of comedy which attracts even more followers and makes her a top choice for brands. She believes one shouldn’t run out of ideas if he or she is passionate about blogging.

In an interview with Guardian life, she stated that she draws inspiration from her life and happenings around her. In 2014, she bagged an endorsement with Maggi as their Online ambassador. It was such a huge deal for her as she never thought sharing recipes could get her the endorsement. Another turning point for her was when she and her husband won a contest tagged “My Big Nigerian wedding “. In 2015, she made a transition to self employment as she became a full time blogger.

In 2018, CNN Africa profiled her alongside Linda Ikeja and Chiamaka Obuekwe as “women who have struck social media gold”.

Sisi Yemmie Relationship and Family Life

She got married to her husband, Yomi Odusanya in July, 2014. They have two children together, Tiara and Tito.

Awards and Nominations

Yemisi Odusanya has won numerous awards for her Blog including: Blog of The Year at The Nigerian Blog Awards, Nigerian Blog of The Year at the 2014 ELOY Awards, Most Unique Voice in a Blog, Best Personal Blog, Most Humorous at the Nigerian Blog Awards and City People Entertainment awards for Blogger Of The year 2015.

Sisi Yemmie’s Networth

As of March 2020, her net worth is speculated to be $54,000 dollars.

Sisi Yemmie has carved a niche for herself in the blogging and vlogging world.

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