Biography of Taaooma AKA Apaokagi Maryam

Apaokagi Adedoyin Maryam popularly known as Taaooma is a Nigerian comedienne, content creator and cinematographer. Her blossoming career has seen her gain huge following on social media platforms thus dubbing her as one of the most popular online comedians.

Early life and background of Taaooma

Taaooma was born on the 27th of February, 1997 in Ilorin, Kwara State, which is located in the North Central part of Nigeria. She had her early education in Kwara State before relocating to Abuja. She lived a better part of her life in Namibia where she completed her secondary education. Taaooma moved back to Nigeria to bag a bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Travel Services Management from Kwara State University.


Her Rise to Fame

The young talent commenced her comedy career in 2015. She portrays a typical Nigerian mother in her comedy skits. In an interview, she disclosed that her boyfriend, Abula helped her to harness her talent and motivated her to start making comedy skits. She never had plans of making skits until she met her boyfriend who discovered her talent. She came to limelight with her comedy skit “When your mom drives you to school” and since then she’s become famous, gaining plaudits and followers on her social media page.

Due to the difficulty in finding a good nickname, she adopted the moniker “Taaooma” which was coined from the abbreviation of her names. She cited God, her mother and boyfriend as her biggest inspiration. The content creator and her boyfriend own a production company called The Greenade Company. Her video ideas are inspired by everyday life experiences with an African mother and child. She also tries to infuse some trending words so people can be informed about recent happenings.


Just like her counterparts, she acts multiple roles, seamlessly switching into different characters and voices in a comedy skit. The infusion of signature slaps are a means to make the story more interesting and relatable. The instagram comedienne hopes to produce her movies someday. She once stated that she can’t remove her scarf for a movie role even if offered a cheque of N50 million naira. When asked in an interview how she comes about amazing ideas for her skits. She said:

I have my storybook, that’s what I call it. I just write stories, any ideas that come to my head and when it’s time for me to shoot, I just go through my stories and see which one I’m feeling at that moment,”

Aside comedy, the skit maker has proven herself to be an entrepreneur by establishing her food business called Chop Tao which is concerned with the production of finger foods.

Her Endorsements

The comedy sensation has bagged several endorsements and ran advertisements for popular brands.

Taaooma’s Relationship

She is in a relationship with Greene Abdulazeez, also known as Abula, a popular Nigerian video director.

Awards and Recognitions

She won the “Best Online Comedian of the year” award at the Gage awards, 2019.

The Top 25 Under – 30 Nigerian superstars and one of Leading Ladies Africa #100woman.

Taaooma’s Net Worth

The talented comedian is one of the fast rising online sensation who has made name for themselves in the entertainment industry.

Social Media Profile

Instagram: @taaooma
Facebook: @taaooma

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