Biography of The Delphinator

Delphine Okobah popularly known as “The Delphinator” is a content creator, TV/Red Carpet host, Event Compere, Graphic Designer and former beauty queen. The young entrepreneur runs a digital design and communications firm in Lagos. She’s a multi-layered media mogul.

Early life of Delphine Okobah

Delphine was born June 26, 1988. She studied architecture at the University of Lagos. Growing up, she was always fascinated with the world of fashion, building, interior design and the media. Her favourite show then, was “Extreme Makeover” and she loved every piece of it; the idea of creating homes for the less privileged. The joy on their faces when the brand new homes were presented to them always warmed her heart and that endeared her becoming a TV show host and an architect.

Delphine’s Rise to Fame 

While studying in the University, she got involved in media jobs such as presenting part time on Spice TV of the Sound City group, which helped in sharpening her communication and public speaking skills. She also got beauty pageant gigs through friends. At a point, combining her interests and studies became stressful so she put media aside and faced architecture squarely.
After graduation, she worked in construction and real estate for 3 years while hosting TV shows, red carpet events and some occasional modeling.

The Delphinator TV was created on May 11,2016. It’s a review/ lifestyle vlog YouTube channel. The videos are inspired by what she sees on TV and her everyday life. The name “Delphinator TV” was coined from “generator”. Delphine was great at physics in secondary school, especially the motors and generators topic. In an interview, she was asked the inspiration behind the YouTube channel. She revealed that she’s been working on the project for a while. She said:

“I went to the cinema and I sat behind for a few minutes after the movie had ended like a child still expecting to be served. It was a beautiful movie but for some reason I felt like I had been suddenly dropped from the top of a five storey without warning. The couple right in front of me shared an almost similar wave of emotion as they complained sadly walking off…”

That experience led to the birth of The Delphinator TV. Delphine shares unparalleled reviews on feature films, short films, documentaries and random videos on her YouTube channel. Her major aim for creating the channel was to promote the African film Industry.

Projects and Achievements

For her Masters in environmental design, she wrote a thesis on the development of Makoko slum village in Lagos.

In 2012, Delphine worked with Greenfield Assets Limited (an infrastructural development company) as an architect. She was part of the team that worked on The Aba Mega Mall project.

In 2014, she hosted several red carpet events for movie premieres at House on the Rock.

In September 2016, she worked as a content developer and social media representative for the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG). She also worked as communications/graphic designer for Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF).

As someone who is passionate about arts, media, film industry, youth development and empowerment; she volunteered for the South African-based Stevenson gallery at the inaugural Art X Lagos. 

Delphine’s Relationship

No publicly known relationship at the moment.

Delphine’s Awards and Nominations

She was nominated for the category of “The Future Awards Prize for New Media” at The Future Awards Africa 2017.

Delphine’s Networth

Her channel “TheDelphinator TV” is worth $  998- $ 5.99 thousand dollars.

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