Biography of Twyse AKA Ereme Abraham

Ereme Abraham popularly known as Twyse is a Nigerian comedian, video editor, instagram sensation and social media influencer who rose to prominence on the backs of comical ingenuity. With a huge following of 1 million on instagram and 132,000 on twitter, the UK-based Nigerian is undisputedly a social media celebrity.

Early life and background of Twyse

Twyse was born in July 1992 to Babajide and Taye Ereme who hails from Edo State, Nigeria. He lived his formative years in Germany before relocating to Port Harcourt. Having lost his dad to the cold hands of death, he moved to Ibadan to live with his grandmother. For his early education, he attended Obiye primary school, Port Harcourt; St. Isabel Nursery and Primary school, Ibadan and Federal Government College, Odogbolu, Ogun State.

For his tertiary education, he studied law briefly before switching to Graphic design and Animation due to his love for video recording and editing. He later went on to study Information and Communication Technology ( at London Metropolitan University London.


His Rise to Fame

As a child, Twyse loved acting, drama and other creative activities. Although he was an excellent student, he was more drawn to arts and entertainment hence the birth of Twyse and Family. Just like most celebrities, he had his down time. According to him, he was frustrated at a point when he lost everything except his life. His girlfriend broke up with him for being too busy, he experienced food poisoning, became jobless, had problems securing admission into the university and he also became homeless. It felt all gloomy and bleak for the instagram sensation but things got better in the long run.

His first skit was created out of boredom and frustration with his school work. This saw him and his coursemates creating teleport videos and doing some Falz impression videos. Twyse came to limelight with the comedy skit where his mum slams a pan on the maid in the kitchen. Aphrican Ape and Krasktv reposted the skit on their instagram page thereby attracting more followers on Twyse’s page and increasing his fan base. What started out as a result of boredom has now become a full time job for the comic actor.

Having built followership on social media platforms, Instagram and twitter, he went ahead to start his series “Twyse and Family” which comprises of Daddy Tobi, Mummy Tobi, Tobi, Taofeek, Sade, Ridwan, Grandma and talented comedian, Aphrican Ape. Twyse and Family borders on real life situation of typical African home. Through creativity, consistency and passion, the renowned comedian has been able to churn out over 100 comedy skits.


His Endorsements

The comic actor has bagged quite a number of endorsements with brands like Orijin, Sunlight, SureBet etc.

Twyse’s Relationship

Twyse is still single. He once had a girlfriend who broke up with him due to his busy schedule.

Awards and Nominations

He was nominated for 2017 The Future Africa Awards Prize for Comedy.

Twyse’s Net Worth

With a net worth ranging between $ 6.55K – $ 39.3K dollars, Twyse is ranked amongst the richest and most influential Nigerian comedians.

Social Media Handles

Instagram: @twyse_116

Twitter: @twyse_116

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