Blackface gives condition to end feud with 2face

As the social media feud between 2face and his former music group member, Blackface lingers, Blackface has now issued a condition for cease fire.

In a recent interview, Blackface revealed what his frustrations were.

Blackface says he wants 2face manager;s name which was listed as a co-composer in one of the songs he wrote which 2face released in 2014.

According to Blackface, 2face’s manager, Efe Omorogbe was not yet his manager as at the time he wrote the song and for that he wants his name out.

Read his full story below:

They should also ask what is 2face after too? What is his game plan? What is his plan with Efe Omorogbe his manager, or do you think they don’t have any plan?

I have given them my conditions. See ‘Let Somebody Love You’ is my song, I told them my conditions that the manager must take his name out.

Efe Omorogbe had been listed as a co-composer of the song, which was the lead song in 2face’s 2014 Album The Ascension, a situation that has not gone down well with Blackface who insists that it is a plot to cut down the percentage he is supposed to earn from the song’s royalties.

He continued:

I wrote the song before he became 2face’s manager, so how will a song I have written before he became the manager and you people want to render the song and he did not tell me about it.

How does that seem to the world? They are just paying people to write rubbish about me, that is what they have been doing all their career.”

He then went further to say:

There is always a silent killer now, so he is the silent killer in this matter, he is silent and he is the one doing the damage in the matter.

You guys need to give them the real state of the matter because the thing is going crazy and we are fighting this because of the entertainment industry.

Blackface also said that he is sad that he is being perceived as the bad guy in the story:

What I am fighting for now is not just for myself, what I am fighting for is for the future of the Nigerian music industry where people like Efe Omorogbe will not just come from nowhere and put themselves in an artist catalog that they wrote the song.

Who does that? It has to stop. And the only reason they can do that type of thing is that they feel they have the media to back them up.

So tell the world what those people have done, not for people to be asking what does Blackface really want? What have they done that they are hiding? That are the questions that should be asked,” he concluded.

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