Blogger vs WordPress – The Ultimate Showdown

In the world of content management, two content management system stand tall – Blogger and WordPress. These two Content Management Systems account for millions of website and blogs on the internet today.

The debate on which of the two is the better content management system has been on for as long as anyone can remember. Prospective users usually search the internet for which Content Management System is better and why and many end up wallowing in the same dilemma. It’s almost like a battle for supremacy between these two – it’s certainly one we can’t ignore.

In this showdown, there can only be one clear-cut winner. Only one CMS will stand supreme by the end of this analysis. Read this post to the end to find out.

Before you can make an informed assertion on which of Blogger and WordPress is a better content management system, you would have to try out both of them. I write this post as someone who have tried out both systems.

To make this contest an easy one to judge, we are going to count scores here. So join me in counting and at the end you can tell me if I’ve been a fair judge – that’s if you know WordPress and Blogger.

User friendliness

When talk about  a Content Management System that is easy to set up and use, blogger stands supreme when compared to WordPress. You can set up a Blogspot blog (on Blogger) in minutes, this is opposed to the technicalities involved in building a blog on WordPress; although there’s plenty of free help you can get online.

Blogger vs WordPress – Score: 1-0

SEO friendliness

A lot of people still think that setting up their blog on Blogger will give them an edge in search engine rankings because it’s owned by Google. Well, that’s a big hoax! Setting up your blog on blogger gives you no edge or advantage whatsoever with the search engines (there are many search engines besides Google by the way).

You still have to do the same on-page Search Engine Optimization you’ll do with WordPress if you want to stand any chance of ranking high with the search engines. It’s a tie here! One all.

Blogger vs WordPress – Score:  1-1


Which of these two Content management system gives you the most freedom and control over your blog’s design and appearance? I’m talking about the system that allows you to tweak your blog/website anyhow and anyway you like. I’ve built a blog on blogger and now that I’m WordPress, I can now see how boxed in I was when I was on Blogger.

WordPress gives you total control over your blog/website. It gives you the option of making tons of changes and adjustments you wouldn’t even dream of on Blogger. There are hundreds of plugins you could use on WordPress built to allow you make positive changes on your blog. WordPress wins this one clearly.

Blogger vs WordPress – Score: 0-1


People start personal blogs for so many diverse reasons, there are millions of blogs out there on the internet who were built on the Blogger (Blogspot) platform and are quite thriving. However, since WordPress gives you more freedom to customize and make changes, it is clear that, to build a much more marketable online business (blog) WordPress would obviously be a much better option.

A host of Professional and business website use WordPress, these includes websites such as CNN,, the New York Observer, to mention but a few. WordPress takes the lead.

Blogger vs WordPress – Score: 0-1


When I say portability, I mean transferability, easy movement or transition to a new platform. Blogger makes it a whole lot difficult for you to move away if you ever want to. Google might let you transit, but your content log on their server will remain on there for long. This usually leads to collusion. WordPress on the other hand, allows you transit whenever and wherever you choose without leaving your digital footprint all over the place. WordPress stretches its lead.

Blogger vs WordPress – Score: 0-1


Your BlogSpot blog is owned by Google! Google reserves the right to shut you down whenever, and however they want, and for whatever reason they deem fit. In 2015, the blog of a popular Nigerian celebrity blogger was shut down because someone reported her to Google on accusations bothering on plagiarism (it was later restored). This sort of embarrassing situation couldn’t have happened if her blog was built on WordPress.

WordPress gives you complete ownership of your blog/website, most especially if it is self-hosted. Once more WordPress takes it!

Blogger vs WordPress –Score: 0-1

Online Support

You get Zero online support when using blogger, well, what’s there to help you with anyway? Everyone is expected to know their way around Blogger due to its user friendliness, but this becomes a huge disadvantage if you are not tech-savvy. WordPress on the other hand, offers you a host of online support to help you wade through any bottleneck.

There are lots of developers who offer premium WordPress support too. Blogger doesn’t put up much of a fight and WordPress wins again.

Blogger  vs WordPress – Score: 0-1

Final Score: Blogger 2-6 WordPress!
Conclusion on Blogger vs WordPress Ultimate Showdown

Both Blogger and WordPress are good Content Management Systems, but with a 6-2 thrashing (according to the above analysis) WordPress stands head and shoulders above Blogger. WordPress is clearly the future. What’s your take?

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