Boko Haram: Zulum Expresses Gratitude to God, Nigerians Over One Day Fasting

Borno Governor, Prof Babagan Zulum has expressed gratitude to God over the one-day fasting that was observed as part of the spiritual warfare against the Boko Haram insurgents.

In a statement released on his social media page, Zulum said such an extreme act of worship could only have been done for the sake of God.

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Read the full statement below.

One-day fast: Borno is so full of gratitude

I am not thanking fellow Nigerians within and outside Borno State for fasting today. I know too well that such an extreme act of worship could only have been done for the sake of God.

I thank Nigerians for the specific purpose behind today’s spiritual endeavour. Today’s fast, which sought and still seeks Allah’s merciful intervention for an end to the Boko Haram insurgency, was largely carried out by many Nigerians out of empathy for the people of Borno state in particular, and for other parts of our dear country.

In worship to Allah and for Borno’s sake, many Nigerians throughout the day, voluntarily abstained from food, water, and other personal affairs with abiding faith and hope that we regain enduring peace.

Nothing I write or say can adequately convey the debt of our profound gratitude to all Nigerians.

To the good people of Borno State, I am grateful to God for having you all by my side. Today, I saw firsthand, how majority of citizens, Muslims and Christians, devoted themselves to fasting and prayers in mosques and churches. I monitored many acts of worship and charity.

We did all of these for our sake and the sake of our brothers and sisters more directly affected by the insurgency.

I am proud of all of you who joined in our collective acts today. I do solemnly reaffirm the pledge I made on May 29th 2019, that by the grace of God, I will, together with all stakeholders, continue to give more than my very best in our shared and determined effort to overcome the Boko Haram challenge and put our state on the path of sustainable recovery, growth and development.

May the gracious and merciful Allah accept our acts of worship; may He answer our supplications which should not end with today’s fasting, and may He answer the supplications being offered on our behalf by many Nigerians! Amin!

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