Bolsonaro Could Be Impeached Over Expletive-laced Video

An expletive-laced video concerning President Jair Bolsonaro has surprised Brazilians.

In the video there was a meeting between Bolsonaro and his cabinet. The clip was released by a Supreme Court judge over an investigation targeting the far-right leader.

Prosecutors are looking at the April 22 cabinet meeting video, probing allegations by former justice minister Sergio Moro that Bolsonaro tried to interfere in federal police investigations, which could be¬†damaging to Bolsonaro’s 18-month-old government for other sordid details it contains.

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The president was using profanity to insult governors, the education minister calling to throw Supreme Court justices in jail, and the environment minister urging the government to legalize mining and farming in the Amazon rainforest while the world is distracted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The video was released when Moro resigned two days after the meeting.

In a damaging final press conference, the former justice minister, who is a popular anti-corruption crusader, accused Bolsonaro of “political interference” in the federal police.

According to reports, Police are investigating multiple cases involving Bolsonaro and his inner circle, including allegations that his son Carlos, who a Rio de Janeiro city councilor, oversaw a fake-news campaign to benefit his father.

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Moro’s allegations led a Supreme Court justice to order an investigation into whether Bolsonaro obstructed justice or committed other crimes.

The probe, which could see Bolsonaro tried or even impeached, comes as the president faces growing disapproval ratings and criticism over his downplaying of the coronavirus pandemic, which has claimed more than 21,000 lives in Brazil.

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