Breaking News: Supreme Court sacks Abubakar Danladi from Senate

The representative of Taraba north constituency in the Nigerian Senate, Abubakar Danladi, has been sacked by the Supreme Court. Also, the apex court in its ruling on Friday, June 23, ordered Danladi to refund all salaries and allowances earned in the Senate within 90 days.

It can be recalled that Danladi was the first deputy governor who ran on the same ticket with Dantata Suntai, the former governor. After he was impeached in controversial circumstances, he was restored as deputy governor of Taraba state by the Supreme Court in 2014. He was challenged on October 4, 2012 shortly before Mr. Suntai took ill after an air crash. He was also accused of fraud and abuse of office.

Furthermore, Garba Umar, another politician, was then nominated deputy governor after his removal. Umar then assumed the position of acting governor after Suntai took ill following a plane crash. But he was cleared to replace Mr. Umar as acting governor after the Supreme Court nullified Danladi’s impeachment on November 21, 2014,. The court gave a verdict that Danladi was denied fair hearing before he was impeached. However, Danladi’s removal from the Senate came shortly after the Supreme Court sacked Herman Hembe representing Vandeikya/Konshisha federal constituency in the House of Representatives.

The apex court ruled that Herman Hembe of the All Progressives Congress (APC) be replaced by Mrs Dorathy Mato which it declared as the rightful winner of the APC party ticket for Vandikwa/ Konshisha federal constituency of Benue state.




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