Buffon Suggests He Forced Move To Juventus

Gianluigi Buffon has claimed that he worked his return to Juventus. The 41-year-old goalie stated that he played a major role in ensuring his return to Turin after spending just one season in Ligue 1.

The World cup winner suggested that he forced the hands of Paris Saint Germain to allow him return to the Biaconeris in the summer transfer window.

Buffon made a switch to PSG from Juventus, only to make a return to Juventus having spent just one season in the Ligue 1.

In an interview with Tiki Taka, the legendary goalkeeper said that he wanted to return to his homeland so he could be with his family and pushed for the move away from Paris.

“One night when I was on my own I decided to return to Juve, asking myself: ‘At 41 years old, what am I doing here alone in Paris when my family is in Italy?’

“I forced PSG’s hand and when Juve made me their offer, that seemed the right choice, so I accepted it immediately.

“I went to Paris because I couldn’t turn down the kind of sporting and economical offer they gave me at PSG.

“When you are 40 years old and a club this big comes in for you, it’s also flattering. I wanted to gain a new experience and step out of my comfort zone.”

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The Italian shot-stopper is also adamant that he is isn’t thinking of retirement at the moment but is instead focused on winning more trophies in his time in Turin.

“Right now I’m in a psychological and physical condition where I still feel like an important player,” he added.

“I haven’t yet examined my own future and I also have the serenity to psychoanalyse and evaluate my own performances.

“When I realise I can’t play like I want, I will sit down with the club and tell them it’s over.”

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