Buhari Is A Certificateless General, Promoted Above His Competence – Reno Omokri

– Reno Omokri lambastes Buhari for travelling to Jordan after the killings in Zamfara

– He also slammed the president for not sending a condolence message or visit the state.

Reno Omokri, former media aide to former president Goodluck Jonathan has slammed President Muhammad saying Nigeria has no government.

This is in reaction to the recent killings in Zamfara state. Over 50 people believed to be members of the Civilian Joint Task Force have been killed by bandits in the state. This was revealed by the Speaker of the Zamfara State House of Assembly, Sanusi Rikiji during a condolence visit to Kaura Namoda Emirate on Friday.

Omokri, who has been a staunch critic of the present administration said Jordan’s head of state won’t travel on hearing such bad news.

Recall that president Muhammadu Buhari is in Jordan where he had attended the  World Economic Summit.

“Would King Abdullah II of Jordan visit Nigeria for an AU summit 2 days after bandits slaughtered 10 Jordanians? I think not. But here we have a Buhari off to Jordan two days after bandits slaughtered almost 50 people in Zamfara. Does Nigeria even have a government?

“After Plateau killings in May 2004, Obj visited, and a week later, imposed an emergency, removed Gov Dariye, brought in Gen. Ali and restored peace. If you compare Obasanjo’s handling of Plateau to Buhari’s handling of Zamfara, its clear Obasanjo is a President Buhari can never hope to be!

“King Abdullah of Jordan would never respect Buhari. He knows that a man who loves outsiders more than his own people is a man with inferiority complex. The other participants at the summit would smirk at Buhari behind his back as a man who is touring while his people are dying.”

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He also lambasted the president for being reserved at home but outspoken outside the country.

“Sadly Buhari does not place store by the domestic media. He is notoriously taciturn at home. But as soon as he travels abroad and sees ‘oyinbo’ he gets carried away and starts blabbing like a goss.

“We have an old stone aged despot who cares only about himself and his family such that he can run to London at the slightest medical issue and do same for his son, but isn’t bothered to even condole, talkless of visiting Zamfara when more than a 100 Nigerians are killed in a week

“If it is to send soldiers to kill 348 unarmed Shiites in Zaria, the cowardly munafiq Buhari can do it. But when bandits kill over 100 of Nigerians in Zamfara within a week, you go for a summit in Jordan as if the Jordanian King will visit you if his people are dying,” he added.

He opined that President Buhari is a mere quota system certificateless general promoted beyond his competence.

“I am so pissed right now. I saw the bodies of Nigerians dying like flies in Zamfara. Instead of Buhari to visit or at least condole, he is there travelling to Jordan, Dubai, Pakistan when his own country is turning into Backwardistan right before his own eyes!”

He also pointed that President Buhari has not performed beyond his predecessors.

There is no area of governance where President Buhari has outperformed his predecessors. In Proverbs 25:14, The Bible says “Like clouds and wind without rain is one who boasts of gifts never given.” That verse could very well have been written specifically for President Buhari,” he added.

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