Buhari’s Administration Is A Potent Danger to Nigeria’s Unity – Don

– Don says Buhari’s adviser doesn’t tell him the truth, by trivialising important issues.

– He says he remains a detribalised Nigerian, just stating his disappointment with Buhari’s administration

A University lecturer, Isaiah Osifo says President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration is disruptive and a potent danger to the unity of Nigeria.

Osifo, who is also a farmer, in a statement, lamented that advisers of the president do not tell him the truth, while sycophants trivialize important issues.

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The lecturer expressed his fear over the safety of the country after watching and listening to the press conference by Nigeria’s acting Inspector-General of police, IGP, Abubakar Adamu, in respect of the killings in Zamfara state.

“I felt strongly disturbed, genuinely frightened and perceived real threat to the unity of my dear country, Nigeria, from the following observations.

“A press conference in respect of national security, addressed by the acting inspector-general of IGP -North, attended by the Chief of Staff to the President-North, Director-General of DSS-North and Director-General of NIIA-North. A reasonable government ought to have been sensitive to such open display of tribalism on national television and should have included some of their deputies if any from other zones of the country,m” he added.

While stating that he remained a strong believer of a strong and united Nigeria, he added that President Buhari not being the first president from Northern Nigeria, he should not divide the country.

“I equally believe that it is not the character of Northern leaders to divide Nigeria. The present government under the leadership of president Buhari is divisive and a real threat to the unity of Nigeria,” he said.

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Noting that the advisers of the president won’t tell him the truth, he said the sycophants and job seekers from Buhari will trivialize it or insult the observers of such national anomaly because their interest is what they can get for themselves or satisfy their partisan ego.

“I am not a tribalist and this can be confirmed from a long list of my close friends from northern Nigeria, I have no personal hatred for President Buhari and this can equally be confirmed from my academic paper, “The Military and Democracy in Nigeria”, written in 1991.

“However, I cannot hide my disappointment with the present government of Nigeria under the leadership of President Buhari. The government lacks positive public policy, morality and careless about rule of law and social immortality.The growth of a nation is not only by politics but with a combination of the core ingredients of sociology and citizenship individual psychology,” he stated.

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