Bumbum Challenge – Davido Features Zlatan in Hit Single

Davido has released a new single featuring Zlatan Ibile titled ‘Bumbum’ and with it came the bumbum challenge started by OBO himself. The winner of the challenge takes home 3000 dollars. Winner takes all!

OBO has kicked off the New Year in style with the new single ‘Bumbum’. The hit is making the headlines for all the right reasons as Zlatan Ibile brings his crazy Yoruba lines to the table.

Kapaichumarimarichopaco as he likes to be called came in in the second verse with this:

Rapati eyan Eniola Badmus

Mogbope eni caucus

Mogbope 30 billion wan ranju

Moyin efe je wa bi Titus

Se ti gbobo tuntun a ra Rolls Royce

Oluwa n gbo, a ni Bentley

Owo yapa ninu bank o, a ni Bentley

Owo yapa ninu bank o, lodun yi o

Ma pe lati a pick o

Fatty fatty fatty bumbum, no be shere kam bia, Oloun owo po gan

Truth is bitter Aye ko’to

Ko’ja fun ori ra e, ko se’to ja, so n gbo

Mo ni ko jo kin jo, gbe body e

Kini issue e, s’owo ni problem e

O wa ni le se. jaburata, apo wa

Kisi’be kakaraka”

With OBO delivering the killer verse:

Jo kin jo, ma lo jo bi oloshi

My baby jo bi olowo

Oya dance like say ant dey for your pant

Kokoro enter your sokoto”

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The single is a hit.

The question really is why Zlatan of all musicians to bring into the song?

But let’s face the fact, Zlatan’s vibe is the in-thing now with the Zanku leg work dance, Gbe body e!

Zlatan Ibile is firing on all cylinders in the streets as everyone yearns for his lines. The rhythm and flow he brings to the song and every other song he bounces on is unrivalled.

Kapaichumarimarichopaco currently occupies three spots on the MTN Y’ello Top10 for solo and featured songs alike.

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