Can Someone tell if You Search Them on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented platform which fosters social and professional networking.

Unlike other social networking services, LinkedIn enables people find jobs, connect with people in their preferred industry, upload resumes and increase their hireability by showcasing their previous experience and references.

Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn lets you interact with people by liking and making comments on their posts, updating your status, sharing statuses and sending message to them.

Can someone tell if You Search Them on LinkedIn?

Fortunately, no one can tell if you search them on LinkedIn. Statistics only show the number of searches you appeared in.

There’s no way you can ascertain this since loads of results are shown when you search for a name or person.

LinkedIn can’t tell who you’re searching for so they can’t possibly notify anyone that you’ve searched for them.

Nevertheless, if you search for someone and click on a certain profile, LinkedIn will notify the individual that you’ve viewed their profile – where they work, what they do, which of their LinkedIn connections are also connected with you, when they viewed your profile and the query terms you used to look for them.

When you view someone’s LinkedIn profile, not only do you receive their profile details but also, all your profile information is recorded within their profile history.

You can possibly adjust your privacy settings to anonymous so that you’re hidden and presented as an anonymous visitor to the searched profile.

Using the anonymous option can be detrimental to your search by restricting the amount of information you get on others.

Also, you won’t be able to receive information about who’s viewing your profile.

You never can tell who’s looking at your profile for a job opportunity.

To change your privacy settings, go to your profile. Click on the icon, choose Settings & Privacy, then How others see your LinkedIn activity.

Select Profile viewing options.

Next, click on Private profile characteristics or Private mode.

Operating a premium account avails you the opportunity of viewing LinkedIn profiles in Private mode.

With this, you can access your profile history. When someone goes through your profile in private mode, it won’t appear in your profile history.

Now that you can’t tell if someone searched you on LinkedIn, how can you then search for People on LinkedIn?

How to Search for People on LinkedIn

The LinkedIn search bar can be used to look for people with same interests, influencers and role models which can play immense roles in your professional life.

To search for a particular person on LinkedIn:

1. Input your keyword into the search bar above the page.

2. Choose the member from the suggestions in the drop-down menu which appears or tap the Search icon to run your search.

Note: You can use keywords like company or job title to search. For example, you can search for “Jeff Bezos Founder“.

In situations where you don’t know the full name of the person you’re looking for, enter other information about them. For example, you can search for Journalist BBC”.

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