Can Someone tell if You View Their Facebook Story?

Launched in March 28, 2017, Facebook Story is a feature which allows you share photo or video collection within short bursts of time just like Snapchat and Instagram.

Can Someone tell if You View Their Facebook Story?

Yes, you can tell who views your Facebook story and the total number of views.

Similar to Instagram and Snapchat, stories are posted live for 24 hours before they disappear.

Once you post a story on Facebook, it will appear in the Stories bar above the news feed where all your friends can see it.

But if you blocked a contact, he or she won’t be able to view your story.

If you want to delete a story, go to the lower right of the screen and tap view icon tab and delete.

You can also delete a story by tapping on the three dots button above.

Users can only reply your stories, they can’t like them. Users can save content to camera roll before uploading to Facebook Story.

After creating the story, click the down arrow to save to camera roll. Click the centre arrow to share.

How to Create a Facebook Story

Creating a Facebook story is quite easy and only takes few seconds.

To create a Facebook story:

Open your Facebook app and tap the camera icon.

Take a photo shot or record a video

Add effects to your picture by selecting the small wand icon below.

Click on Share Now to upload it on Facebook.

How to tell Who Viewed Your Facebook Story

Most times, you want to find out who viewed your story.

Facebook story has proven to be an important feature for businesses as they’re able to tell or track the reach of their stories and prospective clients.

To see your Story viewers:

Open your Facebook app

Search for the eye icon at the lower left of the screen.

Tap the icon to see who has viewed your story.

With the privacy settings, you can control who sees your story. To do that:

Click the down arrow close to your story.

Based on your preference, you can choose “Public,” “Friends and Connections,” or “Friends Only.” The “Custom” option is also available for use.

Tap Share once done.

The Public option shows your story to everyone.

The “Friends and Connections” limits your story to people who know.

The “Friends Only” list is for people who are friends with you.

The custom setting enable you indicate who gets to see your story.

Note: You can adjust these settings even after publishing your story.

Tap Your Story within the Facebook app

Tap on the three dot icon and select Edit Story Settings

Modify the settings based on your preference and click Save.

And that’s the nitty gritty of Facebook story.

Now that you can tell who views your Facebook story, why not share this knowledge with your friends? Have any question? Do ask in the comment box.

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