Cee-C Is the Most Successful BBN Housemate – Uti Nwachukwu Brags

Uti Nwachukwu has sparked lots of reaction after referring Cee-C as the most successful housemate in BBN 2018.

Many have condemned his statement including Princess of BBN 2018 who felt the statement is unnecessary.

Well well well…what Can say? How much louder can I shout ? How much more words can I write ???

“MANY ARE CALLED BUT ALAS …VERY FEW ARE CHOSEN. Nwadiora – an igbo name meaning …Pikin wey good for the community /country…. LOL….. need I say more ?

“Since winning the Show , she has received massive support and she hasn’t stopped dishing it Back to Back ??? .

“In my tribute to her after BBnaija last year I wrote and I quote “In Big brother , there are always 2 Winners ,The winner of the Grand Prize and the one that beat the odds”

“I went on further to say ” The sun Shines in it’s time and so does the Moon. PREPARE FOR YOUR TIME ..YOU ARE DEFINITELY GOING TO BE SUCCESSFUL”

“I am no Prophet but Ladies and Gents, I present to you ….THE MOST SUCCESSFUL HOUSEMATE OF #BBnaija 2018 …. Miss @ceec_official NWADIORA.superProud #OurGirl #NoRegrets #AQueen #Beautiful” He wrote.

Cee-C replied his post, “Brother! You are a blessing. Thank you. For showing me love, your support and above all, a glimpse of God through your actions. Thank you! Whoever has you in their corner is successful. We must ball forever!”

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