Chidi Lloyd, APC Chieftain goes berserk on live TV over Rivers poll suspension [WATCH]

A famous APC Chieftain in Rivers State, Chidi Lloyd has gone berserk on live TV over the poll suspension in Rivers State.

Chidi Lloyd was on Kaakaki live show by AIT for an interview.

However, the APC Chieftain was unable to conduct himself appropriately on television. He made some weighty accusations on live television.

Chidi Lloyd argued that PDP Chieftains were sent to conduct elections in Rivers State while holding up Photos of the alleged PDP members who were sent as electoral officers in Rivers State.

In reaction to Chidi Lloyd’s unruly arguments, the show moderator tried to calm him down but he was uncontrollable leaving the moderator helpless.

Although, before now, Chidi Lloyd has a history of being unruly on camera.

He was once caught on camera fighting in the house and hitting a house of Assembly member with the mace.

Watch the video below from the TV show:

See the video of Chidi Lloyd fighting in the house:


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