China says it will not interfere in Nigeria internal affairs

– China has made it stands known about Nigeria’s 2019 Presidential election, it disclosed it would not interfere in the country’s internal affairs

One of the powerful countries in the world, China, has made it stance known on the Nigerian 2019 Presidential election.

China in a statement made by its Foreign ministry spokesperson, Geng Shuang in a statement yesterday made it known that the Asian country will not interfere in Nigeria’s internal affairs.

The Asian country also disclosed it readiness to continue to support Nigeria to manage it internal affairs but it stressed that it will not interfere, it disclosed that China always stand by the principle of non-interference when it comes to internal issues of other countries.

Geng Shuang in his statement disclosed that Nigerian Government and it citizens are capable of managing the country’s election which has been rescheduled to commence tomorrow, 23rd of Feb.

He added that the Chinese government “have noted the relevant situation. The Chinese side hopes and believes that Nigeria’s presidential and parliamentary elections will be held successfully and smoothly.

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“I would like to point out that Nigeria is an important country in Africa. Peace, stability, and development of Nigeria serve the interests of the Nigerian people, the region and Africa at large.

“China always stands for the principle of non-interference in other country’s internal affairs. We believe the Nigerian government and people are capable of managing the relevant election affairs.”

The Federal Government in a previous statement had warned international communities against interfering in the country’s internal affairs.

With the 2019 Presidential Election now less than 24 hours to commence, Nigerian voters have been urged to move out and vote for their respective candidates and do so peacefully so that the election will be credible, free and fair.

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