Christian Lady Ascends the Throne Of Her Late Father, Speaks About Her Fears Before Coronation

On Facebook, a lady with the name Moyinloluwa shares her fears when she was told she would be regent after the departure of her father. She was to be the regent of Ifedore LGA, Ondo State.

A Christian, afraid of the traditional practices that may jeopardize her faith, she wasn’t sure about being regent. She revealed that after prayers and asking God for help, her fears disappeared.

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“After my father passed on to glory. 

A call came for the throne to be occupied by a Regent.

To lead my community till a new king is chosen

A call I had foreseen for some years

And have vehemently rejected 

Like Peter, I believed such position was a meat ‘unclean’

And should not be eaten by me.”

“I struggled

It was a war

I have plans

I feared how long the tenure may last

The idolatry associated with it

How it’s going to change my lifestyle 

Give me huge responsibilities 

And also require some sacrifices.”

“I prayed strongly against it. 

Asking the good Lord to deliver me and frustrate the plans of the ‘enemy’ for my life. 

But a certain friend told me ‘Not so’

‘Moyin, pray that God’s will be done on this matter’

A mentor said 

‘Moyinoluwa, if it is the will of the Lord, it’ll stand’

With tears, I changed my prayer point.

God let your will alone prevail in this matter.. “

“I gave it to the Lord

I asked Him to help me if it is His will

If it is going to hurt me, let him deliver me.

He answered!

He gave me a go ahead

Blessed me with His peace

Reveled to me His purpose in the matter.

And gave instructions.”

“The installation was done with prayers. 

And proclamation was made to the ancient powers of the land that power has changed hands. 

Ancient gates lifted up their head

Everlasting doors were declared opened

For the KING of Glory to come in

The foundation of the land shook and war was declared on darkness.”

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