Confusion as ghost of buried man was seen leaving Ikoyi cemetery in Lagos [PHOTO]

A ghost has just been sighted at the Ikoyi Cemetery. The ghost was revealed to be the ghost of a recently buried man identified as Late Paul Johnson. It was captured by CCTV cameras at the Ikoyi Cemetery, Lagos State.

According to the cemetery guards, they were reviewing CCTV footage of the night before when one of them noticed that a ghost was lurking somewhere in the background.

ikoyi cemetry
CCTV image of the Ikoyi cemetery ghost

The guards said they were able to tell that it was the ghost of Late Mr. Johnson because the portion of the cemetery where he was buried was disheveled and in total disarray.

The Cemetery custodians went on to reveal that the said Mr. Johnson was not resting in peace because he was not happy with the state of things in the family he left behind.

It was also revealed that the widow and children of Late Mr Paul-Johnson  corroborated the story by saying they also saw their late husband and father at home.

According to the family of the Late Mr. Johnson, he wasn’t happy that his extended family wasn’t treating his wife and children well. Mr. Johnson’s widow revealed that her late husband’ family stole all his property upon his demise.

All in all, they said he probably came back to fight for his family.


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