Conjoined Twins Successfully Separated After A 13-hour Surgery in Abuja

Goodness and Mercy Martins, a pair of conjoined twins, have been successful separated by a team of Nigerian medical experts in Abuja.

The twins were delivered at the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Keffi, Nasarawa State on August 13, 2018. They were conjoined face-to-face at the chest and abdomen and they were referred to the National Hospital, Abuja the following day.

They needed N20 million for the complex surgery, however, the management of the National Hospital Abuja decided to fund their care and the entire processes leading to the major surgical procedure.

The surgery was successfully done on November 12th, 2019, by a combined team of medical experts led by Surgeon, Prof. Emmanuel Ameh.

A team of 78 indigenous medical professionals, comprising surgeons, nurses, anaesthetists, paediatricians, radiologists, haematologists, chemical pathologists, and pharmacists conducted the surgery.

Conjoined Twins Successfully Operated in Abuja

Ameh said the pre-surgery examination conducted revealed that the babies shared vital organs including, liver, chest wall, diaphragm and pericardium. However, they successfully shared the liver for the two babies using modern medical equipment. The surgery took about 13 hours and the twins, Goodness and Mercy are both fine.

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