Content Creator, Lethi Narrates Why She Dumped Her Boyfriend Of 4 Years

South African lady identified as Lethiweyinkosi on Twitter narrates why she broke up with her boyfriend of 4 years.

She explained that he slapped her two times and she broke up with him. However, the guy doesn’t believe ‘2 slaps‘ was enough for her to break up with him.

Lethi used her story to explain how some men don’t understand how grave hitting their partner is.

Sharing her story on Twitter, she wrote;

“So I was in a relationship with this guy for 4years.. we were in love, I thought he was the LOML lol.. Then he hit me, 2slaps.. then we broke up.

“Until now he still doesn’t believe that is the reason we broke up. He says there is no way “just 2 slap” could end a relo of 4yrs.Thanks guys,, but this happened long over 2 years ago.

“This tweet was motivated by the fact that I saw him a few days ago and he asked if I’m still with the guy I left him for. Then it occurred to me that he still doesn’t believe that hitting me is what broke us up.

“This made me think some people don’t understand how hitting a woman (any woman) as a man says about you. They just don’t want to get it.”

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