Coronavirus: 37 Suspected Patients Flee Afghan Hospital

Nothing less than 37 patients suffering from COVID-19, the pandemic coronavirus have fled from a hospital in Afghanistan’s western Herat province.

This was revealed by a Health Ministry spokesperson, Wahidullah Mayar, who said that they were in isolation due to the virus.

According to Mayar, they escaped from the hospital with the help of their relatives after beating up hospital staffers.

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While  Mayar was criticizing the police for not doing anything to control the situation, a spokesman for Herat Governor Farhad Jellani said that a total of 38 people, the 37 mentioned earlier and one virus-infected person, escaped the hospital.

Speaking with DPA, he said the authorities managed to return seven of them back to the hospital as ongoing efforts continue to bring the rest back.

The Afghan Ministry of Health further revealed that all those involved in the hospital break-out had recently returned from Iran.

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It, however, remains unclear why they left the medical facility, as videos on social media suggested they were at odds with the hospital over their treatment.

Although, the authenticity of the videos could not be verified independently.

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