Coronavirus: A Whistleblower Arrested for Filming Body Bags

A whistleblower identified as Fang Bin has allegedly been arrested in China for secretly filming ‘piles of body bags at a hospital in coronavirus-stricken Wuhan’.

The unverified shocking footage appears to show eight bodies in a bus outside the locked-down city’s Number Three hospital.

According to the recorder, more bodies are inside waiting to be transferred.

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361 people have already died from the virus in China, and one person has died from the infection in the Philippines.

The 75-second video shows what recorder Fang Bin says are eight bodies stacked on top of each other inside a bus.

In his footage,  medics were seen attempting to treat sufferers while wearing hazmat suits and alleged coronavirus-sufferers appearing to moan in pain.

When he leaves the hospital, it appears that another body has been placed into the waiting bus.

‘So many people just died?,’ he asked a man wearing protective gear, ‘When did this happen? Yesterday? There are so many bodies.’

The footage came to light after it was shared by Chinese journalist Jennifer Zeng on Twitter. Watch below.


It was reported that Bin was arrested by the Police, and had his conditions tested as they were worried over his visit to the hospital.

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Meanwhile, another unconfirmed reports say that he has now been freed.

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