Coronavirus Show Us That No Investment in Health Is Too Much – Mohammed Atiku

Mohammed Atiku, the son of former Vice President, Abubakar Atiku has lauded the frontline health workers over their effort in fighting the novel coronavirus that has brought the world to his knees.

Mohammed has finally fought off the virus from his system after 40 days of battle. There was a time he was reportedly in ICU, which was later dismissed.

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In a statement released on his Twiter page, he also noted that the novel virus has brought both rich and the poor to one hospital, unlike the time that would have been spent on medical tourism.

He also noted that it is also high time for the policy, makers to make adequate investment in the health sector as no amount is too much in health investment.

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Read his full statement below.

Thank You For Your Support And Prayers – Mohammed Atiku Abubakar

I, Mohammed Atiku Abubakar, wish to inform Nigerians that I have finally been cleared and discharged after 40 days of coronavirus (Covid19) treatment.

 This pandemic has united the rich and the poor and, indeed, the rest of the world against this novel lethal virus that has caused economic and social disruptions globally.
No matter our problems, however, we shouldn’t lose hope in our own country. Despite the limitations of our health system, the Federal Ministry of Health and Nigeria Centre for Disease Control have done tremendously well, despite these daunting challenges. Our doctors, nurses and other front line health workers also deserve accolades for their sacrifices and professionalism during this challenging period of our country.
Every epidemic or pandemic comes with its lessons.The coronavirus has caught the world off guard and sent us reeling for solutions. It also reveals the weaknesses of our health system in the developing world. It’s an eye opening experience for Nigeria and other developing nations
Thanks to coronavirus outbreak, we are now coming to terms with the necessity of adequate funding of our healthcare system. This disease has brought the rich, the poor, and the powerful to a common level.
This is the time our policymakers should reset our national priorities and give our health system adequate attention. No investment in our health sector is too much.
In October 2016, the then Nigeria’s Minister of State for Health (currently the Minister of Health), Dr. Osagie Ehanire was quoted by The Guardian Newspaper as saying that Nigeria was spending a whopping $1 billion dollars annually on medical tourism abroad.
This revelation is a reminder of the urgent need to mobilise resources towards upgrading our health system at home in order to render medical tourism almost unnecessary.
It’s time to restore confidence in our own health system & that can only be achieved by adequate investment & funding. No less important, our policymakers should also adequately fund research in vaccines & other drugs because of the uncertainties & challenges like Covid19.
Once again, thank you for your support and prayers, may Allah show up for you at your appointed time of need. May the Almighty Allah be with all those still in the Isolation Centre and grant them healing.
Mohammed Atiku Abubakar.

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