Coronavirus: Twitter Orders Staff to Work from Home

As part of the aim of containing the deadly ONVID-19, a coronavirus that has killed over 3000 people globally, Twitter has ordered its staff to work from home.

This was announced by the CEO, Jack Gorsey, on his Twitter page today.

“Out of an abundance of caution and care, both @Twitter  and @Square  are taking significant measures to help lower the probability of the spread of #coronavirus #covid19, including strongly encouraging all of our employees globally to work from home if able,” he tweeted.

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This was also confirmed by the Chief HTR of the social media network, Jennifer Christie.

“Yesterday, we shared that as a company, we’re suspending all non-critical business travel and events as well as restricting visitors in an effort to protect our people and others and minimize the spread of COVID-19.

“Today, we shared additional guidance, strongly encouraging all Twitter employees globally to work from home if they’re able. Our goal is to minimize contact with others and contain any potential risk, protecting everyone’s health and safety.

“While this is a big change for us, we’ve already been moving towards a more distributed workforce that’s increasingly remote. We’re a global service, and we’re committed to enabling anyone, anywhere to work at Twitter. The safety of our people is our top priority.

“At times like this, sharing insights and learning is so important. Please join this conversation on Twitter. My DMs are open, too. We’re all in this together,” she wrote.

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