Cost of Foundation For Two Mini-Flats in Nigeria

As promised in the first part of the building series discussed the last time, I will be moving on to the next stage.

Let me remind you that I gave you a summary of the amount you are likely to spend building a mini-flat on a plot of land.

Moving on, there is likely to be some adjustment to the price of the rough estimate given to you. Recently, Dangote cement came into the news after being accused of increasing the cost of cement.

Some had alleged that the same quality of cement sold by the same company in Ghana for 1,800 is being sold between N3300-3500. According to a statement released by the company, the price of a bag of cement from its factories and plants in Obajana and Gboko is N2,450 and N2,510 at Ibese.

Recall that the price given to you in the last article was 3100. So, you should budget 3,600 for a bag of cement as things stand because other cement producers seem to be in the same price range. You can see the reason why it was stated that cement price keeps increasing all the time. Who knows what the cost would be if the Federal Government eventually removed fuel subsidy?

So, it is, therefore, necessary that you redo your calculation.

Cement: The price of a bag of cement is averagely N3,100. You will need at least three bags/

Block: A 9 inches block costs between N250-270. You will need at least 100

Sharp sand:  N35,000.

Labour: 25000

Water: 2500

Miscellaneous: 25000

 Total: 98,000

Give and take, you might end up spending about N120,000 as this is a rough estimate, as stated earlier.

Save cost by doing foundation for two mini-flats

Now to the business of the day, what if you want to do a foundation for two mini-flats at once? This is going to save you a lot of costs but costs you further.

However, it is an opportunity for those who see the previous estimation from the first article as chicken change. Since you would want something bigger and better, you are going to have it here,

Here is why. You are paying the same set of labourers, just the addition of N5,000-N10,000. The explanation will be based on my personal experience with bricklayers who gave me different quotations. But I will save your time by giving you the cheapest. For instance, this particular bricklayer even told me that 15-ton sand, which another had said would be used for the foundation of one mini-flat, is enough for the two. This professional even assured that there would still be extra sand left if the owner wants to use it the next time.

Apart from that, his charge for workmanship is the cheapest among them all. This is why he beats them all to my analysis.

However, giving the cheapest quotation is not an assurance that you will get the best, but it’s worth trying, provided you will monitor and see the quality of work being done.

The materials needed for two mini-flats are not different from one; only the quantity will change. For instance, this bricklayer even advised that the project starts with 700 blocks to show very well. According to him, 500 blocks would be used for the two mini-flats foundations, which he said could be up to 4-5 coach, while the remaining 200 goes for the fencing, which could 1-2 to coch. So, here is the breakdown from this magnanimous bricklayer, who doesn’t even mind the client following him to get them.

700 ‘9’ inches blocks ( at N250 each) – N175,000

10 bags of cement (at 3600 each) – N36,000

Sand – N40,000

Labour – N50,000

Water – N5,000

Miscellaneous – N40,000

Total: 346,000

If you can cough out such an amount, don’t be surprised that you have already started something big. After this, you can even go to the site with N100,000, call your bricklayer and buy another 150 9 inches block and add to the building to see where it will get.

Once you know what it would take to get it to the limited stage, you will surely put it down as you will soon start smiling to the bank on your project if you want to let it out.

The next volume of the article would look at the total amount of blocks you will need to complete a mini-flat or two. In this way, you will get the figures right to know what to prepare for.


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