Countinho Lift Brazil Over Bolivia In Neymar Absence

Philippe Countinho led the onslaught with a brace as Brazil trashed their opponents by a 3-0 scoreline in their Copa Ameeica debut.

The Barcelona man put up a spectacular showing for his International side as they went back in time with their white shorts and put in what you would describe as a grey performance.

It wasn’t pretty or convincing to say the least but Brazil will take the win. With some help from Coutinho and the VAR, Brazil were able to overcome Bolivia even in the absence of injured Neymar.

Brazil caused a stir early on when they ushered into the pitch in their white jerseys, a nod to their old colours which but jettisoned in the wake of the 1950 World Cup ‘Maracanazo’ at the hands of Uruguay before picking up their current yellow.

At the end of the first forty-five minutes, Bolivia had lived up to their expectation of how much of a tricky team they were overall in the Copa America, ceding control of the ball and forcing their rivals to come all out to try and break them down.

Speaking of Brazil attack, only the lively Richarlison really got a chance at sneaking into Bolivia’s defence but he came quite short.

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It didn’t take long after the break for the Selecaos to make a statement and Bolivia fans would be cursing the referee who beckoned to the VAR and thereafter gave a penalty after a marginal handball, with Coutinho slotting it past the goalkeeper. The fans were left distraught with the goal which from the look of things couldn’t have come from open play.

From here onwards, it was simply a stroll for the Selecaos. Barely 120 seconds after, Coutinho found himself at the receiving end of a free header and nodded home after being teed up by Liverpool striker, Roberto Firmino.

Then the dazzling moment of the encounter came forward when late substitute, Everton found the back of the net with a long range shot.

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