Couple Kills 12-year old Son Over Witchcraft

— Okon Essein and his wife, Peace have been arrested for killing their 12 year old son.

— The son was accused of witchcraft and the cause of their misfortunes and was murdered.

This happened in Akwa Ibom State, a couple have been reported for murdering their son for witchcraft. The couple who are the father and step mother of the deceased confessed to this crime stating that he was a witch and the reason for their misfortunes.

They lured the 12 year old to into a swamp where he was eventually buried and forced him to drink asene, a poisonous, fetish concoction. They explained that the concoction only kills a witch.

The father after the arrest stated that Joseph, the son was a witch and had killed his first wife.

Although it was reported that the stepmother wasn’t involved directly in the death. However, she was arrested for conspiracy as she knew what the husband had done and refused to report.

The killings of young children over witchcraft are increasing on a daily in Nigeria. Children are accused of witchcraft and are killed.

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In January, a man, Sunday Otasi was arrested for killing his two sons. He claimed they were involved in witchcraft.

It was reported that a prophet had told the father his 3 sons were wizards and were responsible for his sickness.

He conspired with his younger brother and the 3 boys were tied to a tree and forced to drink poison. Fortunately, the youngest son escaped death. This happened in Bayelsa state.

Hopefully, the government starts addressing this and starts educating people who accuse and kill children over witchcraft.

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