COVID-19: Instagram Comedian, Sydney Talker Apologizes After Being Dragged For Allegedly Playing a Prank On NCDC

Popular Instagram comedian, Sydney Talker has eventually apologized after several Nigerian took to Twitter to demand apology for playing a prank on NCDC (Nigeria Centre for Disease Control).

The 24-year-old shared a video of himself calling NCDC claiming he needs to be tested for COVID-19. However, the operator insisted that for anyone to be tested, they must have been in contact with an infected person or developed symptoms after returning from a Coronavirus high risk country.

Sydney soon shared another video claiming he was down with symptoms of Coronavirus and NCDC has refused to test him.

However, NCDC made a tweet that it’s a skit but Sydney refuted the claims.

Meanwhile, NCDC eventually conducted a test on him, he tested negative to Coronavirus and many have dragged him for playing a prank.

He has now apologized on his Twitter page stating that his intention wasn’t to mock or hurt NCDC and the health practitioners.

See Tweets Below:

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