COVID-19 Spain Records High Rate of Cases Few Days After Reducing Restrictions

A few days after allowing non-essential workers to resume work, Spain has recorded another rise in coronavirus cases with 5,183 new infections.

according to reports, the 5,183 new cases are up from yesterday’s 5,092 and the highest for a week, which bring their total case from 177,633 to 182,816.

Also, 551 new deaths have taken their toll from 18,579 to 19,130 . The death toll is slightly more than Wednesday’s 523.

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It was also reported that Catalonia has separately revealed thousands of more deaths after taking a tally from funeral homes, but those have not been included in the nationwide figures.

Spain has been under lockdown since March 14, but the authorities want to expand its testing capacity to more than 20,000 a day with a view to lifting the restriction in certain areas.

Out of the 5,183 new cases, the Madrid region recorded 1,168 while Catalonia had another 849.

According to the Spanish health ministry, the two regions also accounted for 252 of the 551 new deaths between them, with 153 new fatalities in Madrid and 99 in Catalonia. The death toll for Catalonia currently stands at 3,855, but Catalan health authorities say 7,097 virus deaths have been reported by funeral homes.

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According to the Catalan health ministry, that includes 456 people who died of coronavirus at home. About 60 percent of deceased patients in Spain have been aged eighty or above, with nearly 87 percent aged at least seventy.

About 75,000 people have also recovered from the disease in Spain, including another 3,947 who were added to the tally today.

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