COVID-19: Spain Resetting Its Economy After Slow Death Rates

Spain has decided to rest its economy by lifting the restriction on non-essential workers after it recorded additional death of 619 to take its toll to 16,972.

According to the latest figures announced by the Ministry of Health on Sunday, the decision was due to the downward trend in daily death rates.

With the latest death being the lowest daily rise since March 23, the country also on Sunday reported its lowest daily growth in confirmed coronavirus infections in three weeks. According to the health authorities, another 4,167 new cases over the last 24 hours, brought the total to 166,019, second only to the US.

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iDONSABI had reported that the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned some days ago about lifting restrictions that could have a significant effect; the resurgence of new cases that could be avoided.

The Spanish Government had ordered the ‘non-essential’ sectors not to operate for a fortnight from March 30 until April 9.

With restriction now lifted, workers who have been unable to work at their office have bee working from home. So, they have een given the opportunity to return to work after the Easter break.

Most of the workers affected re in the sanitary, security and telecommunications activities, customs, the supply and distribution of food and basic necessities, and the supply of electrical energy, of products derived from petroleum and natural gas.

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The workers and their companies will have to adhere to strict regulations to make sure they don’t get infected by the virus.

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