COVID-19: Twitter Calls for Help of NCDC

A Twitter user has called for help from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

According to the user, @Noble_davidica said he had sent a Direct Message to NCDC because he has bee having a sore throat for three days and it’s getting worse.

The user also pointed out that there is no self-isolation where he is presently.

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“I sent a message to your dm I got no reply, I’ve been having sore throat since 3 days ago and it’s getting worse, I think I’ve been infected with the virus, please help, there’s no space for self-isolation here, location is Ogun state @NCDCgov,” he wrote.

The NCDC has recently announced the first death of the dreaded virus in the country on Monday morning.

According to the agency, there are now 36 cases with two discharged and one death.

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