COVID-19: Twitter Users Wonder Why Kano’s Figure Is Lower Than Expected

Kano state has been in the news for over three days after the molecular laboratory in the state stopped operation due to a lack of Protective Personal Equipment (PPE).

Having stopped operation for over two days, people were expecting a high figure on the resumption of testing, but they were stunned to see the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) announcing four cases from the state.

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NCDC had at yesternight announced 87 cases. Thirty-three is in Lagos, eighteen in Borno,  twelve in Osun, nine in Katsina, four in Kano, four in Ekiti, three in Edo, three in Bauchi, and one in Imo state. This makes the total number of confirmed cases to rise to 1182 confirmed.  Two hundred and twenty-two patients have been discharged while thirty-five have died.

The new four cases take Kano’s confirmed cases to 77, third on the list behind Lagos, which is the epicenter and FCT.
There had also been reported mass death in Kano. Some people said over 600 people had died in a week over unknown causes.

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See some of their reactions to NCDC’s announcement.

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