‘COVID-19 Vaccine Might Be Ready in A Year’

With several scientists going into the lab in search of vaccines for COVID-19, there is a likelihood that there will be headway in 12 months.

According to a leading UK research scientist Professor Robin Shattock, the vaccine could be ready within a year if trials go well.

Shattock, who is leading a team working to produce a vaccine at Imperial College London, said that enough of the vaccine would be available for every person in the UK if trials go ‘really well.’

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Professor Robin Shattock,
Professor Robin Shattock, leading UK researcher. Photo: PA

It remains uncertain that the vaccine being developed with work, though, as its effectiveness depends on the level of immunity needed to prevent infection. This has made chances of success difficult to predict.

Speaking on Sky News’ Sophie Ridge On Sunday, Professor Shattock said his team is anticipating.

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“If everything goes well that we’ll get an answer as to whether it works by early next year. And we have put in place the infrastructure to make that vaccine for the whole of the UK.

‘So, assuming that the funding is there to purchase that vaccine, we could have that vaccine rolled out across the UK in the first half of next year.”

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