COVID-19: Volunteer Hairdressers, Barbers Trim Hairs for Health Workers in Bangkok [Video]

As part fo people making an impact across the world, barbers in Bangkok, Thailand decided to trim hairs for health workers who are in the front line of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Although hair salons and barbershops have been closed across the country amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the barbers have been visiting hospitals in Bangkok to help health care workers get a proper trim.

Speaking to AFP, a volunteer hairdresser, Pornsupa Hatthayong said she was overwhelmed by the number of the personnel that came out.

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“When I started doing this, I didn’t think there would be so many medical workers in need of a haircut.
I thought it was just going to be an easy volunteer job. But when I started, they really turned out in numbers!”

Aso speaking, Apiradee Sunantatarnon, a doctor said doctors need to have a clean look.

“As a doctor, you need to have a clean look. You can’t have hair covering your forehead, and eyes look dirty. So when I heard there’d been a trimming session by volunteer hairdressers, I was thrilled.”

A male doctor, Teerapat Jittpoonkuson pointed out that patients will definitely ask how they got their haircut.

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“When they see us, patients are definitely going to ask ‘where did you get a haircut?’ and we’ll tell them that volunteer hairdressers came out to give us a trim nd that Thais always help out each other.

The barbers and hairdressers sterilize their equipment after use each time.

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