Daddy Freeze, Lola Shoneyin Reacts to Video of Billionaire Cosmas Maduka Preaching on the Street

Surprise as billionaire Cosmas Maduka was seen preaching the gospel on the street.

— Many react including Daddy Freeze and Lola Shoneyin.

It was a shock and surprise when a video of billionaire Cosmas Maduka preaching on the street surfaced online.

In the video, the billionaire was preaching with a loud speaker and an interpreter translating his sermons. Many have commended him because it’s a surprise to see a billionaire preaching the gospel and on the street at that.

However, while many found his act praiseworthy, some think there are better ways to do so.

Nigerian writer, Lola Shoneyin commented that whether he’s a billionaire or not, it’s noise pollution.

On the other hand, Daddy Freeze thinks the environment is already noise polluted but the billionaire’s evangelism could be done in other efficient ways.

He is doing a good thing no doubt. However, in 2019, I’m doubtful of the efficacy of this method. Can you really win souls for Christ like this? I won’t say it’s noise pollution in an already noisy environment though.” Daddy Freeze wrote.

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