“Dear Parents, You Have Taught The Girl-Child Enough, Now Face The Boys” – Nigerian Writer, Linus Augustine

A Nigerian writer, identified as Linus Augustine has written an open letter to parents advising them stop concentrating on the girl child only but focus on training the boys too.

He wrote that the society needs well-behaved men too, men with good manners, men who can handle domestic works without depending on women, thus should train the male child as they have the female child.

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He wrote;

“Dear parents, you’ve trained the girl child enough. You’ve inculcated good habits in them enough already. You’ve groomed them well. They are focused and are excelling. They’ve been adequately prepared for marriage. Thank you. Now can you please turn and face the boys. I don’t know the kind of men you people are raising these days. Tell your boys they won’t die if they pick their plates and wash them after eating.

“Tell them they won’t suffer stroke if they sweep and mop the house. Teach them how to cook too, it won’t reduce their manhood. Tell them they won’t have hypertension if their rooms are kept clean, Tell them it is not a bad thing for them to wash their clothes. Tell them their skin won’t peel if they bathe at least twice daily and their teeth won’t fall if they brush at least twice daily! Tell them they will still function well in the other room if they wash their boxers once or twice after using them. Tell them it doesn’t cost a thing to be a honest man.

“The society needs virtous men too so let them know it pays to be one! Tell them it is bad too for a man to be promiscuous! Tell them a man that shouts at his wife or raises his hand on a woman is a weakling and a beast!

“Teach them good manners, Stop saying “they are boys, house chores are meant for girls, he will soon marry” etc You think when they marry, their wives will come and do magic in few years? It is not easy to change the habits of a full grown man. Let your focus not be on the firl child alone. Train the male child too. Don’t let loose ill-mannered men into the society to come and trouble innocent responsible women. Just minding my business Just being thoughtful.”

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