“Don’t Speak Ill Of The Dead’ Is A Weapon To Silence The Disaffected” — Professor Uju Anya

A University professor, Uju Anya has reacted to the popular saying about not speaking ill on the dead.

The linguist professor disclosed that she speaks ill of the dead if they made life choices that caused harm and destruction.

”I speak ill of the dead. If you made life choices that harmed people and caused destruction, I’ll praise your death. I don’t care if your family or people you didn’t choose to wound loved you and are sad you’re gone. I will dance on your grave singing ding dong the witch is dead,” she tweeted.

A follower then commended about the current situation in Zimbabwe.

She responded;

Don’t speak ill of the dead” is a weapon of the powerful to silence the disaffected. The tone police is more interested in maintaining or hiding an unjust status quo (that usually favors them) than actually solving problems.”

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