Doris Ogala Releases Another Chat, Accuses Uche Elendu Of Pimping Out Pregnant Women

Nigerian actress, Doris Ogala is really passionate about “exposing” her colleagues, Uche Elendu and Oge Okoye as she shares another chat accusing Elendu of pimping out pregnant women.

Doris Ogala
Doris Ogala

This issue started when the actress made a post shortly after her wedding labeling Uche Elendu and Oge Okoye as husband snatchers.

Later on, she accused Elendu of trying to do something spiritual to ruin her new marriage. She also shared a chat with someone revealing how Oge Okoye allegedly slept with Uche Elendu’s ex husband.

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In her new post, the actress has accused Elendu of pimping pregnant women to strange men with the knowledge of her friend, Oge Okoye.

Uche Elendu
Uche Elendu

In the chat shared, she accused her of spiking a pregnant woman’s drink and calling on a man to sleep with her. She allegedly got paid to do this.

Read Chat Below: 

Uche Elendu Doris Ogala

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